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Hexed, The Metalhead Book of Witches artists share their love and worship for the femme-fatale goddesses like Inanna, Lilith, Circe, Medea and Medusa. Feminity, seductions, sensuality. Mother of Earth and humanity.

Artur Szolc, Björn Gooßes, Blacksshark, Caelan Stokkermans, Carlos Fides, Christina Dressel, Cory DeAn Cowley, Erik Malm, Francesco Gemelli, Giannis Nakos, Ikosidio, Jeff Gaither, Jesus Lhysta, Joey James Hernandez, John Pavlidis, Jolie Perez, Kenneth Albert, Kristen Margiotta, Lino Lithium, Mariya Popyk, Markus König, Martin Muir, Max Meyer, Mayte CG, Mike Menasco, Mitchell Nolte, Mustapha Design, Timo Wuerz, Varises Otak, Waclaw Traier, Glimpse of Horror - Matteo Weber, more to announce.

Cover art by Buzzurru

15 x 21 cm (6 x 8 inch)
170gm uncoated paper
180 pages

Release date 29/09/2023

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