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About us

Heavy Music Artwork is devoted to increasing awareness and understanding in the Heavy Metal culture, supporting record labels, publishers, music and graphic artists. The website brings information’s and resources, focused exclusively on the arts and humanities within the spectrum of the Heavy Metal and Rock music genre.

The site boasts a modern and contemporary look and features the very best in the Heavy Metal world with informative content that is easy to navigate and well structured. Heavy Music Artwork seeks to provide interviews and detailed analysis in relation to subjects related to Heavy Metal and all its subgenres.

Artists and designers can use their page profile as a platform to showcase their work or to extend their client base. Heavy Music Artwork provides insights that might fall outside the parameters of the genre; this is necessary in order to increase and grow in new markets or areas. Never the less the subjects will be related and will never explore areas that are frivolous or even follow common trends.

Heavy Music Artwork is a knowledge base site and not a database or a fan blog, visitors are invited to explore, learn and engage.

Vision & Mission

  • Provide the Heavy Metal community and industry with outstanding resources, material, information, news and updates
  • Offer a portal where individuals can learn, connect and discuss
  • Compel to explore and experience life within the arts
  • Through music, art and literature examine all aspects of the human condition
  • Promote graphic artists, music artists, record labels and agencies through interviews, biographies, artworks and in-depth profiles
  • Examine, explore and decode symbolism used in Heavy Metal
  • Promote Heavy Metal as a culture within the understanding of sociology and humanities