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De Horla

De Horla

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Please note that this is a pre-sell; the release date is scheduled to be 22/09/2023.

While recording Kludde's third full-length De Horla, the band contacted visual artist Wesley Dewanckel to create the new album's cover artwork and some additional drawings for the booklet to visualise the lyrics. Instead of falling into typical black metal clichés, a more comic book style was employed. From there, the idea then arose to compile all the drawings into an art book that comes separately from the CD and vinyl but also comes into its own perfectly as a stand-alone story. Because of the style of the drawings, a graphic novel version was eventually chosen.

What once began as a simple idea evolved into a huge project where story, music and image became one. All in all, years were spent creating and visualising the De Horla story. A dark fictional story about a witch of loose morals and a disfigured creature who never knew anything else but humiliation & exploitation. A story about lust, hatred and revenge.

Visual artist: Wesley Dewanckel


Limited edition

In Dutch and English

Size 170 x 260 mm

38 pages 

130mgs silk pages

Release date 22/09/2023

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