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Monochromes 2018

Monochromes 2018

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The best monochromatic metal artworks of 2018

100 Artists with 100 Bands on 100 releases
With bands and artists commentary 

Heavy music can be very distinctive when it comes to styles and approaches. One or two colours of artwork have been a common theme in metal and most of its subgenres. We feel it deserves special attention, highlighting the elegance as well as beauty and charm. Alongside Masterpieces, they both complement each other, an experience filled with talent and imagination.

A special feature with Alice In Chains, Watain, Immortal, LLNN, Somali Yacht Club, Drug Cult, Coilguns and Carpe Noctem.

Bands include Ancst, Arsis, Crippled Black Phoenix, Crisix, Cryptworm, Firtan, Foscor, Gaerea, Hex, In Vain, King Apathy, Malthusian, Mentor, Nocturnal Graves, Nervosa, Paradise Lost, Skeletonwitch, Sodom, Stellar Circuits, Sylvaine, The Konsortium, The Order Of Apollyon, The Secret, Valkyrja and more.

Artists include Álex Tedín, Anders Røkkum, BlackInkVoid, BMS Illustration, Branca Studio, César Valladares, Daniel Corcuera, Dehn Sora, Hans Trasid, Luciana Nedelea, Mentalporn, Nestor Avalos, Oik Wasfuk, Peder Bergstrand, Rafael Tavares, Roberto Toderico, Seth Siro Anton, Stephen Kasner, Sylfvr, Trine and Kim Design Studio and more.


A4 Hardback (210mmx297mm) 
Collected in one deluxe volume. 
Printed on high gloss 200gm paper. 
144 Pages 
300 Limited edition 
Hand-numbered and embossed

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