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Rites of the Abyss
Rites of the Abyss

    Rites of the Abyss

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    Rites of the Abyss. The Genesis and History of Greek Black Metal reveal how the Greek black metal scene started and evolved through three decades. It covers the bands, record labels, recording studios, fanzines, live venues and festivals that supported this unique and resilient scene and described the historical and social background in which the artists were challenged to create their music and make their bands reach an international level. The book documents a scene with innovation, resourcefulness and versatility. It also tries to uncover why and how the black metal scene of a small country in the southeast made such an impact worldwide. Interesting remarks and memories from old and young members form the backbone of this book, with an in-depth analysis and memoir of the whole phenomenon, but, above all, a result of obsessive love and infernal dedication.

    Featuring Rotting Christ, Varathron, Necromantia, Thou Art Lord, Disharmony, Nergal, Twilight, Kawir, Macabre Omen, Medieval Demon, Embrace of Thorns, Terra Tenebrae/Souslkinner, Death Courier, Slaughtered Priest, Aenaon, Lucifer's Child, Akrotheism, Celtefog, Dødsferd, Drama Noir, Funeral Storm, Katavasia, Empire of The Moon, Chaosbaphomet, Serpent Noir, Synteleia, Yoth Iria, Ravencult, Αχέροντας, Zaratus, Godblood (Cyprus), Temple Of Evil (Cyprus) and more.

    Written by Aris Shock
    Cover design by Daniel Valencia at Fenomeno Design

    Dimensions 170mm x 245mm (6.70inch x 9.65inch)
    Hardback and Softback option
    Full colour
    Over 220 pages
    150gsm silk paper

    Release date 20/10/2021